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the-mane-character asked:

i wish I could have sushi. There's something about it that makes me vomit 100% of the time no matter what kind I try =[ it's so tasty too. Ok how bout drink of choice?


ahhh why! that’s unfortunate :c
Hmmmrmm, drinks…
my favorite beverage is water served in a martini glass
stay hydrated, kids

useta think it was the seaweed but later found out that I can eat that completely fine. The mystery remains unsolved as I’ve tried a buncha different types that had all manner of ingredients.

martini glasses are pretty fun. gimme a bowlmug any day and I’m a happy camper. Green tea is my most drank drink but I am allll about that root beer life





henshin a go-go baby

reblogging for joe

As I scrolled down my dash, I was met with a most unexpected picture. I raised my chin from my palm and stared into its depths. My gaze pierced the picture - no, the entire internet itself. A single tear rolled down my cheek as I continued to stare, completely awestruck by this slice of heaven. I made no effort to wipe it away. Another followed, and then another, and another. Tears streamed down my face as the corners of my mouth curled up in a smile. I let out a sound - a soft “heh” - as I rose to my feet and wiped my eyes. This was it. The tears stopped as I stood upright and saluted my monitor. I sniffled one last time and with that, the ceiling opened up above me and I ascended into Heaven.

I soon found myself on a cloud. The soft, pillowy texture between my toes was the first thing I noticed. I looked down to examine it and gasped in surprise as the tears welled up again. The cloud itself was a personification of this picture, as was the next cloud and the next and the next. Every cloud was this picture. They floated without a care against the backdrop of the sky, which was also this picture. An angel descended from on high. It was clad in the most majestic robes made purely of this picture, and it handed me a set of my own robes. I dressed myself in this picture and felt a bliss unlike anything I had ever felt on Earth. A pair of wings sprouted from my back. Each feather was this picture. I flapped them once. The usual flapping whoosh was replaced with a soft whisper of Henshin a go-go, baby. In my new state I descended back to Earth and hovered right in front of my computer, gazing once again at the picture that started it all. A smile spread across my lips. This picture was the embodiment of holiness.

I’ve fucking looked for this for so long. I’m crying all over again.

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